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Shadows of Liberty

In relation to a previous post, which suggests the need to search for quality news and reporting and alludes to the fact that mainstream media uses sensationalism and censorship, I’ve come across a documentary entitled Shadows of Liberty. It explores how corporate control of the media erodes press freedoms.

In an interview with DemocracyNow the director of the film, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, states that

“… it became obvious to us that the media is one of the most, if not the most, important subject that we need to deal with today. And that’s why we made the film. I mean, really, we wanted to honor journalists, not only in the States, but from around the world, that are dedicating their lives to bring us truths that we need to hear, about power, about governments, so that citizens can make the right choices for their lives, for their families, and hold power accountable. So that’s why we made the film.”

Here is the trailer for the film. I’m looking forward to watching this one.