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Water Risk Mapping Tool

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The World Resources Institute  launched its Aqueduct mapping tool. For anyone interested in water problems this is definitely something to spend some time with.

It uses 12 water risk indicators to create various maps of where and how water risks may be prevalent:

1. Baseline water stress
2. Inter-annual variability
3. Seasonal variability
4. Flood occurrence
5. Drought severity
6. Upstream storage
7. Groundwater stress
8. Return flow ratio
9. Upstream protected land
10. Media coverage
11. Access to water
12. Threatened amphibians

It is possible to see risk factors by specific water-intense industries including agriculture, food and beverage, chemicals, electric power, semiconductor, oil and gas, mining, construction materials, and textiles.

It also includes a tab where you can view projected change in baseline water stress which are based on three different scenarios of climate change and socio-economic development created by the IPCC: the A2, A1B, and B1 scenarios.


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