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Good earth, great read

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I’ve always held the idea that maybe someday I will have my own garden and maybe a couple small solar panels and be close to nature when I finally settle. But lately I’ve begun to have a strong urge to really leap into a life where I can provide for myself (and future family) in as many ways as possible. When you start looking into making a plan it can seem a very daunting task, and in the end, I think becoming self-sustained will take many years to accomplish so that it actually works and that you’re comfortable in doing so.
That being said I have been haphazardly looking for some literature on the topic; books or articles that might help me along the way. I’ve come across this article which interviews Rebecca Thistlethwaite. Thistlethwaite and her husband struggled to keep their small farm going and ended up selling it, and the couple decided to volunteer on farms and ranches around the country and write a blog about it. This turned into her book Farms with a Future: Creating and Growing a Sustainable Farm Business, which is a “practical, accessible guide that doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges of farming, but gives people some good ideas.”
I’m not sure if I want to go further than producing for myself and family, but it seems like this book may offer some great first hand knowledge from experience and avert you from making more mistakes than you otherwise might have. It’s definitely found it’s way onto my To Read List!
Check out the article linked above for more details about Thistlehwaite’s adventure.



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