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UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve

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Here’s some shameless promoting of my beloved Nova Scotia, which really showcases why I adore it so. It is a paradise for those who love to be in nature.


Fishing on Sporting Lake Stream

There are 610 biospheres in the world in 117 countries. Sixteen can be found in Canada, with two in Nova Scotia. The newest one was the Bras d’Or lake area designated in 2011 and Southwest Nova Scotia was designated in 2001.

The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve represents the natural region of southwestern Nova Scotia. This encompasses five counties: Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Digby and Annapolis. The biosphere reserve comprises major landscapes of the province, which exist in a near-pristine condition with intact ecosystem structure, processes and functions. Biosphere’s always have a core, buffer zone and transition area. In the Southwest Biosphere’s case, the core is in the Mersey Tobeatic Wilderness area and Kejimkujik National Park.


Located in the boreal needleleaf forest biogeographical region, it includes rolling plains, river plains, glacial plains, hills, drumlins and coastal cliffs. As a result of its unique southerly position in the Maritimes, the region contains significant disjunctive populations of Atlantic coastal Plain plant species, Blandings turtle (Emydoidea blandingi), ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus) and southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans).

Cultural heritage resources in the area depict the history of Mi’kmaq use of the lands and waters of the area for travel, sustenance, medicine and trade. Several significant archaeological sites are preserved throughout the region. The traditional economic uses of the region include forestry, mixed agriculture, near-shore coastal fisheries, professional backcountry guiding for recreational angling and hunting, as well as mineral prospecting and mining. The biosphere reserve will promote and encourage experimentation with traditional and contemporary resource management and will identify opportunities for their enhancement.

Here are some recent promotional videos:

The first shows Hinterland Adventures, who give canoe tours of the Tobeatic area

This video is from one of my past high school teachers (SUPER KNOWLEDGABLE!) and the tour takes place at the end of the road where I grew up; Point Prim ❤

These next two videos showcase Kejimkujik park, another place I tromped around as a child.


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