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COP18 – Fossil of the Day Awards

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The Fossil of the Day Award is one way to follow COP sessions. The Climate Action Network (CAN) gives out the slightly sarcastic award to countries who have performed the worst in the climate change negotiations.


Today New Zealand and the USA were tied for first place with Canada taking second place. CAN awarded the first two countries the Fossil of Day “for not wanting to advance common accounting rules here in Doha,” and Canada for “breaking with agreed practice when it comes to NAMA (Nationally Approved Mitigation Actions) support.”

Fossil Awards given out so far include:

Day 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Monday 26th USA, Canada, Russia, Japan and New Zealand New Zealand
Tuesday 27th Turkey EU
Wednesday 28th Canada New Zealand USA
Thursday 29th Poland Russia
Friday 30th New Zealand/USA Canada


If you click on this link then you can read why these awards were given to these countries, and it’s an interesting way to see how climate talks are unfolding and positions countries are taking.
While CAN gave the EU second place on Tuesday for not yet planning to further reduce emissions reductions, they had given the EU a Ray of the Day award for having already reached their pledged 2020 target almost 10 years ahead of time (according to the latest projections by the European Environmental Agency the EU’s domestic emissions were 17,5% below the 1990 level in 2011. Factoring in offsets surrendered into the EU ETS in 2011, CAN finds that the EU27 has effectively beaten it’s -20% climate target for 2020 with nine years to spare).


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