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Community Feed-In Tariffs

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Nova Scotia’s Department of Energy produced its Renewable Electricity Plan in April 2010. Following the motives of many other provinces, states and countries the plan aims to move away from carbon based electricity (mainly coal production here in NS) toward greener energy production and energy independence and diversification.
The plan sets targets for 2015 (25% renewable energy) and 2020 (40% renewable energy). To achieve these targets there are a few different mechanisms that will be used:

1) Large projects will be split evenly between Nova Scotia Power (long standing monopoly on electricity) and independent power producers

2) Community-based feed-in tariffs (COMFIT) for community groups including municipalities, universities, cooperatives, non-profits,  First Nations, and community economic development investment funds.

3) Individuals and small businesses can participate in green energy projects through the enhancement of the net metering program 

Nova Scotia’s COMFIT program is the first of it’s kind in North America and thus far 52 COMFIT projects have be approved as of October 23, 2012; 46 are wind projects, 5 are approved for instream tidal, and 1 for biomass.

Relevant Articles:
Tim Bousquet from The Coast asked whether ‘the new regulations promote the growth of a green energy industry or does it only benefit established producers?’

Canadian Clean posts 60 second interview with Nova Scotia COMFIT administrator 

COMFIT gives Canadian tidal market competitive edge


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